June’s Journey Cheats

If you’re like us, and you’re a fan of June’s Journey then you’re well aware how important diamonds and coins are.

They’re essential if you want to have a good time in the game, but getting them is not easy in the slightest. The most common way of getting them is by buying them through in-app purchases. However, when you use a lot of diamonds and coins this can become very expensive very quickly, we speak from experience. We used to spend upwards of $100 a week on the game!

Therefore, it’s not a big surprise that there are a lot of people looking for ways to cheat in June’s Journey. They want to obtain diamonds without having to pay huge amounts of money for them. 

We looked everywhere to find a working way to hack the game, but without success. That’s when we decided to create our very own June’s Journey cheat.

When our friends heard that we created a working hack for the game they practically begged us to share it with them. We then figured that we might as well share it with the rest of the world. So here it is: the only working way to get free diamonds in June’s Journey!


After trying for hours to find a working method of getting free diamonds and coins I finally stumbled upon junesjourneyhelper. I had almost giving up hope, but this is legit!
Kristen White
I've been looking for a way to get diamonds & coins in June's Journey for a while now. I used to spend so much money on this game. When I found this generator I was ecstatic! Very impressed. I just wish I found it sooner.
Sally Gray

Frequently asked questions

Before releasing it to the public we extensively tested every feature of our tool. We didn’t want to release an unfinished product. Therefore, you can be sure that it works as it should.


There’s no need to download any hacking software when using our June’s Journey cheats. All the heavy lifting happens behind the scenes on our server!


Yep! Our service is completely free to use. We won’t charge you a single cent to use our website. If you’d like to give back you can do so in the form of leaving a testimonial and by spreading the word.


If you’re worried about your account getting banned; don’t be. We play June’s Journey every day ourselves and definitely didn’t want to get our account banned. That’s why we created the cheat with utmost care. There are several security precautions in place that ensure that no bans will happen. All the traffic is routed through several proxy servers and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). That way nobody will know that you’ve used our generator!


Technically there’s no limit to how many diamonds you can generate through the use of our tool.

However, it’s currently recommend to generate no more than 1000 diamonds a day. The reason for this is that we’ve not tested it with higher amounts than that. In addition, lower amounts of diamonds are more likely to fly under the game developer’s radar.

Using our generator is super easy. All you have to do is click the button on the top of this page. Once you do, you’ll be brought to our online tool. There you can enter the username or the email you use to log in to your account. You’re required to provide this information only because our tool needs to know what account the resources need to be added to. We never ask your for your password.

Once you’ve done that, you can specify how many diamonds and coins you’d like to add to your account. Then it’s simply a matter of pressing a button and letting our site work its magic!

We finished working on our site in 2020 and this is also when we released it. Therefore, it works perfectly in 2020!


You can! As long as you know the username/email that your friend uses for the game you can simply enter their credentials in the tool to add the diamonds and coins to their account instead of your own. This makes for a great surprise, trust us.


You can use our June’s Journey Cheats to generate the following things: Free Energy, Free Diamonds, Free Coins, Free Flowers & Free Compasses.


You might encounter sites that claim to have working cheat codes for June’s Journey. However, what they don’t tell you is how to enter cheat codes in June’s Journey. The reason why they don’t tell you this is simple: you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in the game.

Our generator works, while cheat codes do not. Therefore, it’s an easy decision to make.

What is June's Journey?

June’s Journey is one of the most popular games for both Android, iOS and Facebook. The game was first released in 2017 for Facebook but due to its success it was later also released as a mobile app. The game quickly gathered a lot of fans on both platforms after being released. It currently has over 10 million downloads on Android alone. The game still receives frequent updates and is still growing strong. On iOS the game has an average star rating of 4.7 stars. On Android the game has an average rating of 4.6 stars.

In June’s Journey your goal is to find hidden clues in order to solve fascinating puzzles. Solving these puzzles will gradually progress you through the story. The story takes place in several locations around the world. For instance, some parts of the game take place in Paris while others take place in New York. All of these locations are hand-drawn and look absolutely stunning. The story itself is also very gripping and interesting.

June’s Journey is a free-to-play game that’s monetized through the freemium model. This means that while you can download the game for free, there are micro transactions present in the game. There’s a premium currency in the game called “diamonds”. These diamonds are very important because they speed up the gameplay immensely. However, since the diamonds can cost up to $100 (which is not even enough to last very long) there are many people looking for June’s Journey Cheats.